JSC “LatRailNet” actively follows the international practice and cooperates with foreign infrastructure managers, performers of essential functions, industry organizations, higher education institutions, research institutes and other public organizations.

The Rail Freight Corridor North Sea-Baltic

In order to promote the increase of international competitiveness for international rail freight transport and strengthen the role of railways in the sustainable transport system, Latvia has been involved and operates in the Rail Freight Corridor North Sea-Baltic.

Rail Freight Corridor North Sea-Baltic (RFC NS-B) is a European project that aims to improve the attractiveness and efficiency of rail freight by ensuring a continuous and high-quality rail supply within the corridor.

RFC NS-B includes more than 8,000 km of railway lines and connects the most important North Sea ports with Central Europe and the Baltic States, providing a railway bridge between Eastern and Western Europe.

Detailed information on rail freight corridors and the rules governing the use of rail freight corridors are published in English at http://rfc8.eu/cid/.

“RailNetEurope” (Association for facilitating international traffic on railway infrastructure, RNE)

On May 20th, 2020, JSC “LatRailNet” became a full member of the association RNE.

RNE facilitates the international railway business by developing harmonized international business processes, manuals and guidelines, as well as information technology tools.

Membership in RNE allows JSC “LatRailNet” to ensure capacity distribution in several networks, exchange and share information and develop digital solutions for railway infrastructure services by promoting the international business of participants.

Information on international cooperation between infrastructure managers who are members of the RNE is published in English at http://www.rne.eu/organisation.

One-Stop Shop (OSS)

The OSS network represents infrastructure managers and their performers of essential functions in international traffic. It forms a single point of contact for the entire international rail route, from matters relating to access to international routes to the post-train performance report. The infrastructure manager - LDz and its essential functions performer JSC “LatRailNet” operates in the RFC NSB OSS.

A list of OSS contact points and detailed information on RNE IT solutions is available at: http://www.rne.eu/.