JSC "LatRailNet" distributes railway infrastructure capacity in the public railway infrastructure network and in particular ensures that infrastructure capacity is allocated in a fair and non-discriminatory manner.

JSC "LatRailNet" develops and approves the Capacity Allocation Scheme, which is published on the website and submitted to the public railway infrastructure manager for inclusion in the network report.

Requests for infrastructure capacity may be made by applicants. In order to be able to use infrastructure capacity, applicants who are not carriers shall designate a carrier which has a contract with the infrastructure manager.

In the allocation of railway infrastructure capacity for public use, priority shall be given to those railway transport services which are provided on the basis of a state or municipal railway transport contract, as well as to support foreign or National armed forces, and services provided wholly or partly for special purposes. (high-speed, freight and similar services) for the construction or construction of national public railway infrastructure.

JSC "LatRailNet" may set requirements for the applicants in order to ensure the reasonably expected future revenue and use of the infrastructure for the public use railway infrastructure manager. Such requirements shall be appropriate, transparent and non-discriminatory. Only a financial guarantee not exceeding an appropriate amount in proportion to the volume of traffic envisaged by the applicant, as well as proof of the applicant's ability to prepare tenders corresponding to the infrastructure capacity, may be required.

Capacity request applications shall be considered in compliance with the procedures specified by the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as the available and already allocated public use railway infrastructure capacity in accordance with the priorities specified by law.

The right to use infrastructure capacity may be granted to applicants for a period not exceeding the duration of one working timetable period. JSC "LatRailNet", as well as the infrastructure manager, if its scope is affected, and the applicant may enter into a framework agreement on the use of the relevant railway infrastructure capacity for a period exceeding the validity period of one timetable. An applicant that is a party to a framework agreement shall submit its request for infrastructure capacity in accordance with that agreement.

An applicant who has been allocated certain infrastructure capacity shall not be permitted to transfer that capacity, whether in return for payment or free of charge, unless that capacity is used by a carrier on behalf of an applicant who is not a carrier. Any other transfer of infrastructure capacity shall be prohibited and shall lead to exclusion from the subsequent infrastructure capacity allocation process.